Meet The Dyer

Hey, Hi, Hello! I'm Rachael the owner and sole dyer at Wool & Vinyl.  I started dyeing yarn in the spring of 2018. My husband (affectionately known as Mr W&V) gifted me a trip to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that year and in an attempt to find a musical themed cast on, I realized there weren't any that were really speaking to me. Which made me start to wonder how I could incorporate both my love for music and fiber together and thus Wool & Vinyl was born, and we've been rocking out ever since! 

You can always expect a vast color palette when visiting the W&V store. I love mixing bright and bold dyes to create my colorways. The current W&V colorway lineup includes inspiration from some of the most iconic bands: AC/DC, Def Leppard, Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osborne, Bon Jovi, and Tom Petty just to name a few. I search for color inspiration in both the music itself and how a song makes me feel when I listen, as well as album cover art and even the artists themselves. I often get asked how I come up with colorways and it mostly involves listening to the song on repeat over and over and over again as I experiment with dyes and application techniques. 

Not only am I a dyer but I also work full time, I'm a certified dental technician and manage a dental lab by day. When I'm not working, I also enjoy knitting and crocheting as well as reading and listening to music and of course hanging out with Mr W&V and my golden retriever, Clyde.